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Our Autumn Production, 2022

Directed by Lynda Shelverton


A scathing story of the public and private lives of so-called "cultural icons". "Sister George" is a beloved character on a popular BBC Radio soap opera, a cheerful, wholesome nurse who bicycles about the countryside singing hymns and doing good.

In contrast, June Buckridge the actress who plays her, is a swaggering, foul-mouthed, alcoholic, in a dysfunctional same sex relationship with her live in companion, Alice.


 Due to low ratings, cut-backs and June's own bad behavior, a rumour starts to circulate that the BBC intends to "kill Sister George" off  -  sending June's whole life into meltdown and affecting all the people around her.


June / Sister George

Lynda Shelverton


Sarah Kingdom


Marcia Baldry- Bryan

Madame Xenia

Gillian Williamson

Directed by David Bone

This production has been nominated for "Best Drama" by NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association).

On a night of thick fog, Paige a wealthy and elegant socialite, is throwing a celebratory dinner for her husband Lars, who has just published a best-selling book of pop philosophy, “Beyond Belief”. Lars and the other dinner guests are looking forward to one of Paige’s famous dinner parties, to celebrate her husband’s success.  It doesn’t turn out quite as they expect.......

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