Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been postponed for 2020

We have decided that, in view of the the Coronavirus / Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions, it will not be possible to hold our Normal AGM this year.


All our 2019 / 2020 Committee members have agreed to remain in their posts for 2021, and we have further decided that membership subscriptions will be waived for this year.


At the Barn Theatre, Little Easton
Dates to be announced when the Coronavirus permits!

"Moira Buffini has come up with a cracking black comedy that has you laughing uproariously one moment and jumping with shock the next" so wrote the Daily Telegraph about the original National Theatre production of this darkest and most hilarious of black comedies, in 2002.

On a night of thick fog, Paige, a wealthy and fabulously elegant socialite, is throwing a celebratory dinner for Lars, her vilely smug husband, who has just published a bestselling book of pop philosophy, "Beyond Belief".

Lars and the other dinner guests are all looking forward to a wonderful evening at one of Paige's famous dinner parties, celebrating her husband's success. It doesn't quite turn out as they expect......

"Note this production contains very strong language and deals with some adult themes".



Are you interested in TAKING PART in this production? If so click HERE to find out more information about acting roles, auditions, backstage team needed etc...


Marcia Baldry-Bryan - Chair

Mob: 07930 423727  |  Email Marcia

Lynda Shelverton - Secretary
Mob: 07702 721293  |  
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