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Audition Information


Here are all the Key Facts for our forthcoming Auditions for We'll Always Have Paris by Jill Hyam:

Performance Dates: The Play will be performed at the Barn Theatre, Little Easton, week commencing Monday 11th November, 2024. All involved people must be available for the whole of that week, including Sunday 10th November.

Audition Dates: Auditions will be held on Tuesday 28th May and Wednesday 5th June (7.30pm) at the Three Horseshoes Pub in Duton Hill.


You don't need to 'book' an Audition slot on either of the dates; just turn up at the Three Horseshoes at 7:30pm on either of the audition dates (Tuesday 28th May and/or Wednesday 5th June); the audition will be conducted in a 'workshop' style.

Likewise, you don't need to learn an audition piece beforehand, these will be provided on the night.


Brief Outline of the show: Penned by the wonderful Jill Hyem – writer of TV series Tenko, Howard’s Way, Wish Me Luck and The House of ElliotWE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS is a feel-good play with laughter, tears and promise of romance, Lovely love and not so lovely anger, friendship and loyalty. And the advantages of growing older. This play is designed to leave the audience charmed, amused, thoughtful – and most definitely smiling.


Parts Available: There’s Nancy, a retired Headmistress determined to throw off her shackles; Anna, recently widowed – and free – after years of nursing a sick husband; and Raquel, a divorcee in search of eternal youth and a new toy boy. Add to the mix Charlot, a French actor turned handyman who eventually fixes more than just a leaky shower, and Madam Boussiron, the archetypal dragon of landladies.

Nancy: Principal Role. Handsome middle-aged British lady. Intelligent and insightful. Ideal playing age 60s, but can be flexible.

Charlot: Principal Role. French man, good looking in a craggy French way. Has an easy, relaxed and playful friendship with Nancy. Ideal playing age late 50s, but can be flexible. The actor needs to be able to do a decent French accent.

Anna: Principal Role. British Lady - School friend of Nancy. Intelligent, more reserved and down to earth than Nancy. Ideal playing age 60s, but can be flexible.

Raquel: Principal Role, but not quite as big as Nancy or Anna.  British Lady - School friend of Nancy and Anna. Feisty, flighty but a little bit empty headed. Dresses inappropriately for her age. Ideal playing age 60s, but can be flexible.

Madam Boussiron: Supporting Role. French Lady, Nancy's landlady. Elegant and well dressed. Irritating manner. Ideal playing age 50s, but can be flexible. Speaks both in French and English (with a heavy French accent).

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