The Killing


Sister George

by Frank Marcus



A scathing story of the public and private lives of so-called "cultural icons". "Sister George" is a beloved character on a popular BBC Radio soap opera, a cheerful, wholesome nurse who bicycles about the countryside singing hymns and doing good.

In contrast, June Buckridge the actress who plays her, is a swaggering, foul-mouthed, alcoholic, in a dysfunctional same sex relationship with her live in companion, Alice.


 Due to low ratings, cut-backs and June's own bad behavior, a rumour starts to circulate that the BBC intends to "kill Sister George" off  -  sending June's whole life into meltdown and effecting all the people around her.


Thursday 17th to Sat 19th November, 2022


Informal Readings of the play, to assist anyone who are undecided whether or not to audition for a part, will take place on Monday, 27th June and Wednesday 29th June, at the Barn Theatre in Little Easton.

Auditions will take place on Monday, 4th July and Wednesday 6th July, at the Barn Theatre in Little Easton.

Rehearsals will generally be on Monday and Wednesday nights, at the Barn Theatre in Little Easton.

Parts Available

June 'George' Buckridge (Sister George):

Gender: Female

Ideal Age range: 40-50

Bad tempered, judgemental, highly strung, very critical of other women, regards cooking and homemaking as “pansy stuff”. Likes wearing tweed, collects horse brasses and trophies made from dead animals which she regards as manly. Drinks far too much and she is a belligerent drunk. Her role as the nation’s favourite radio serial character is the only real success in her life. June is a very large part and she is on stage for most of the play.

Alice 'Childie' McNaught:

Gender: Female

Ideal Age Range: 25-35

Takes care of herself, looks ten years younger hence the nickname. Pale,  good-natured with a slightly rebellious streak. Likely to think the best of people rather than the worst. She is well suited to thrive in the progressive atmosphere prevalent in the late 1960s, light and open, clearly being held back by June, who is dark and closed. Her obvious oppression by June helps to mask her own manipulation.  Capable of cruelty herself, there is though the sense that she is goaded into it. “Handy with the needle”, she is an expert seamstress. This is reflected in her skill at making dolls and their clothes. Her own attire looks carefully chosen and possibly hand-tailored. The character of Alice is a large onerous part and she is barely off the stage throughout the play.

Mercy Croft:

Gender: female

Ideal Age range: 40-50

BBC Executive, Assistant Head of Radio Drama. Also has a guest speaker slot dispensing advice on Woman’s Hour. A power in her own right at the Beeb, where she ‘empire builds’ with the best of them. Very measured and precise. This is reflected in her appearance which is meticulous.  She is fashion-conscious and appropriately on-trend for a woman in her position and lifestyle. A medium sized part, she is on for almost half the play. Although she is a ‘player’, her attraction to Alice is genuine and actually rather sweet.

Madame Xenia:

Gender: Female

Ideal Age Range: 55-65

Intended to be elderly, but written so that she can be any age or ageless. The role is ideally suited to someone with excellent comic timing.  Exotic downstairs neighbour, a medium with a crystal ball and Tarot cards. Very much at home in 1960’s London. Madame Xenia can steal every scene she is in and needs careful unselfish playing. She is on for just over a quarter of the play, so is a little bit more than a cameo role.  Xenia is the greek concept of hospitality.


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