Dinner is one of the darkest, most shocking but also hilarious black comedies you will ever come across. For anyone looking to find out a bit more about this show before deciding whether they would like to be involved, The Guardian and The Independent newspapers published excellent reviews of the original West End show, which also tells a lot about the plot and the characters. Click here to read The Guardian review. Click here to read The Independent  review.

Note: SPOILER ALERT ! There are a lot of spoilers in this review, so please don't read it if you are planning to come to the show!!


Wed 17th to Sat 20th November, 2021

Directors Notes:


As soon as the present summer production at the 3 Horseshoes are over, we'll get cracking on this, initially with some readings of the play so that anyone undecided whether or not to audition can get to know the play (We think once you read this play, you will want to be in it!)

Auditions will be soon afterwards, in late July / early August. We hope to have the final cast decided by around the middle of August, for rehearsals to begin the first week of September, giving us a 12 week total rehearsal period.

Rehearsals will usually be at the barn twice weekly, for around 3 months. The days we will rehearse each week will generally be Mon / Tues / Wed (Because the Barn is a wedding venue and they need to prepare for weddings Thurs/Fri), and will somewhat depend on the availability of the cast. We also anticipate perhaps two Saturday or Sunday rehearsals, at a different venue.

The dates of the readings and auditions will be announced as soon as the summer production at Duton Hill is finished.

Bear in mind that this is very much an ensemble piece, so all actors will be required for all rehearsals, but of course we don't expect 100% attendance - there will be some flexibility for holidays and other commitments which prevent attendance at some rehearsals, of course. (we understand people do have lives!).

General commitment to rehearsals, however, will be important for this show, because all of the characters are on stage most of the time.

Acting Roles:


Paige: Female, Married to Lars.  Ideal Age 40-65, a "trophy wife". Elegant, educated, composed, well spoken, intelligent, witty and very, very bitter


Lars: Male, Married to Paige. Ideal Age 40-65, middle classed, well spoken, educated, pseudo-intellectual, self-serving, smug and toady.


Wynne: Female, Single. Ideal Age 40-65, an artist. Well spoken, educated but air-headed, eccentric and silly. Deeply in love with Lars. (Note that Lars and Wynne met at college, so they will need to look roughly the same age).


Sian: Female, Married to Hal. Ideal Age 20-30. A TV Newsreader. Pretty (she's described as a "sex-pot" on stage), educated and well spoken, with a cutting wit, and bitter.

Hal: Male, Married to Sian. Ideal Age 25-45. A famous Scientist. Intelligent and educated, a bit naive,


Mike: Male, Ideal age 25-40. A Van Driver, Uncouth and foul mouthed, uneducated but by no means stupid.

The Waiter: Male (could be female possibly). Any age. Doesn't speak on stage until the end, but has many, many entrances and exits, and has a very important part to play in the plot, especially at the end. For this role we need an actor who is very composed, confident and doesn't get flustered on stage, because he has a lot to remember, and lots of "business" with props, serving food, drinks etc....


We will also need quite a large backstage crew for this show, since the stage needs to be quickly reset behind a closed curtain 3 times during the show.

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