June 1999

Blithe Spirit
by Noël Coward

Directed by
Karen Ashton and Judy Lee

Always a pleasure
Braintree & Witham Times

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1999 saw the fortieth anniversary of the founding of the Greville Theatre Club, as well as the centenary of the birth of Noel Coward, the acknowledged master of the stylish comedy.  To celebrate his life and work for the English Stage, we presented Blithe Spirit, his highly entertaining excursion into a world where things are not quite as they appear.

Successful Author Charles Condomine, is content with his life.  Having lost his first wife Elvira 7 years previously, he has remarried and is more or less happy with his new wife, Ruth

In researching his latest work, Charles invites a local medium, Madame Arcati, to conduct a séance.

The Cynical Charles gets more than he bargained for when Madame Arcati successfully re-materializes Elvira, who continues to wreak havoc throughout the Condomine household.

"Oooooh! Yes ! Again! Again!"

Ruth Debates how to "get rid of her" with Charles, who is now beginning to rather enjoy the situation.

Finally, Madame Arcati is persuaded to try to reverse her handiwork, of which she is prodigiously proud.


EDITH (a maid):

      Sue Rowland
      Lynda Shelverton
      Andy Jameson
      David Bone
      Jan Mitchell
      Rebecca Rowland
      Marcia Baldry