October 2005

Plaza Suite
by Neil Simon

Directed by
Diana Bradley

Tremendous comic timing
Dunmow Observer

Full justice to comedy classic
Braintree & Witham Times

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Plaza Suite by Neil Simon is a comedy consisting of three individual stories that detail the misadventures of very different couples as they face crucial moments in their respective lives – all in the same hotel room in the famous Plaza Hotel.

In the first act, Visitors from Mamaroneck, a middle-aged couple re-visit the hotel room of their honeymoon while their house is being painted; but the arrangement does not end as romantically as might have been expected.

The bellboy shows Karen Nash into Suite 719, the place in which she spent her honeymoon
33 years ago.

Karen orders champagne and hors d'oevres from room service ready for her husband Sam's arrival.

An ill-tempered Sam Nash arrives from work, unaware that today is their wedding anniversary.

Sam calls his secretary to discuss problems he is having with contracts that he is working on.

Sam starts on work he has brought from the office, whilst Karen wants him to enjoy their anniversary.

As Karen rows with Sam over the work he is doing, the waiter brings their meal.

Sam's secretary Jean McCormack arrives to work on Sam's contracts, leaving Karen feeling an outsider.

Sam admits he is having an affair with Jean. Karen tries to persuade him to stay with her but he returns to work.

The second act, Visitor from Hollywood, features a Hollywood producer who, after three marriages, is looking for fresh fields.  He meets up with his high school sweetheart who, over the years, has idolized him from afar.  Now a suburban housewife, she turns out to be more than he expected.

Muriel Tate comes to Suite 719 to meet up with Jesse Kiplinger, who is in New York to sign a director for his new film.

After filling Muriel with several vodka-tonics, Jesse begins his seduction of her.

After a kiss, Muriel is horrified about what she is doing and prepares to leave.

Jesse overcomes her objections and moves in for the kill.

Jesse finally takes Muriel into the bedroom ...

In the last act,Visitor from Forest Hills, a mother and father are driven frantic by their daughter who, with all the preparations made and the guests waiting, is reluctant to proceed with her wedding.

Norma Hubley explains to her astounded husband Roy that their daughter Mimsey has locked herself in the bathroom and is refusing to come out for her wedding.

An angry Roy bangs on the bathroom door and demands that Mimsey come out.

Mimsey ignores him and an even angrier Roy now charges the bathroom door.

To Norma's horror, Roy climbs out onto a ledge in an attempt to get in through the bathroom window.

After her husband-to-be Borden tells her to "Cool it!", Mimsey finally emerges.


ACT 1: Visitor from Mamaroneck

      Jan Ford
      Rodney Foster
      Chris Plumridge
      Chris Plumridge
      Kate Meekins

ACT 2: Visitor from Hollywood


      Chris Plumridge
      Steve Bradley
      Carol Parradine

ACT 1: Visitor from Forest Hills


      Marcia Baldry
      Andy Jameson
      Chris Plumridge
      Kate Meekins