Oct/Nov 2010

The female Odd Couple
by Neil Simon

Directed by
Diana Bradley

Superbly crafted ... revived
with style and enthusiasm
Michael Gray

An entertaining production,
timelessly witty
Braintree & Witham Times

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This play is a female adaptation by NEIL SIMON of his own hit play and film The Odd Couple.

In it we see easy-going divorcée Olive Madison take in a neurotic and recently separated Florence Unger.  Their chalk and cheese relationship is a comedy treasure trove, culminating in a hilarious and doomed dinner date with the Spanish brothers living upstairs.  This is a thoroughly endearing tale of the triumph of female friendship over male folly.

Olive Madison has invited her friends Sylvie, Mickey, Renee and Vera round for a game of Trivial Pursuit.  Florence Unger has also been invited but has not yet arrived.

Olive calls Florence's husband Sidney to find out where she is only to find out that they have split up and Florence has left home.

Florence finally arrives and the girls act as if nothing has happened.

Florence finally confesses that she has left Sidney and that she has taken a whole bottle of pills.

Olive's other visitors finally leave and she invites Florence to move in with her.

It is two weeks later.  Florence has re-organised Olive's apartment and is doing all the cooking and cleaning.  She tells Vera to eat over her plate as she has just vacuumed.

Florence's fussing drives the other girls away and after a row with Olive, she realises that she is getting on her nerves.

They invite two Spanish gentlemen from upstairs to dinner.  However, Olive is over an hour late back from work and Florence's cooking is spoilt.  Another row ensues.

Manolo and Jesus Costazuela arrive for dinner bearing gifts. They introduce themselves and in doing so create many misunderstandings due to their command of English.

Whilst Olive is out of the room, Florence relates all her problems only to have the visitors telling her their even worse problems.  They all end up in tears.

Florence enters with her very burnt capon.  With the evening now a disaster, the brothers invite Olive and Florence to their apartment where they will cook a frozen paella.

It is the following evening; Florence and Olive are not talking.  Florence prepares her own meal of linguini causing Olive to spray the room with air freshener.

Another row ensues resulting in Olive chasing Florence around the room whilst threatening to hit her with a baseball bat.

Finally Olive in a fit of rage collects up Florence's pot and pans, packs them into a holdall and throws her out.

Olive returns for her clothes as the girls arrive for a game of Trivial Pursuit.  They are followed by the brothers. After more argument, the brothers invite Florence to stay with them.

With Florence gone, the girls finally start their game as if nothing had happened.


      Carol Parradine
      Marcia Baldry
      Lynda Shelverton
      Judy Lee
      Jan Ford
      Rita Vango
      Rodney Foster
      John Richardson