Oct/Nov 2006

Humble Boy
by Charlotte Jones

Directed by
Rita Vango

Will live long in the memory
Dunmow Observer

A play that can enthral
with comic delight
Braintree & Witham Times

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Humble Boy is a comedy about broken vows, failed hopes and the joys of bee-keeping.

All is not well in the Humble hive. Thirty-five-year-old Felix Humble is a Cambridge astro-physicist in search of a unified field theory. Following the sudden death of his father, Felix returns to his middle England home and his difficult and demanding mother, where he soon realises that his search for unity must include his own chaotic home life.

Following the funeral of James Humble, Felix, his mother Flora and her friend Mercy Lott retire to the garden.

Jim, the gardener, talks to Felix about the flowers his mother likes and the absence of the bees.

Later, on a beautiful summer's day, George Pye comes to visit Flora.

Felix does not conceal his dislike for George and nastily argues with him, much to the annoyance of Flora.

Flora gives Felix a gift of an Egyptian honey pot that James had bought for her.  Felix opens it.

Felix is horrified to find that it contains the ashes of his father.

Rosie Pye, an old girlfriend dumped by Felix, comes to see him.  When she finds out that she does not love him anymore, she sets about seducing him.

The following month, Flora hosts a garden party.  After much argument, sniping and general misunderstanding, Mercy says grace.  She has a lot to say!

Mercy realizes that the gazpacho she has so carefully prepared has been seasoned with some of the contents of the honey pot.

The Eureka moment.  Jim finally reveals himself to Flora as the ghost of James her husband. They relive the moments of their first meeting and their love for the garden.



      Steve Braham
      Marcia Baldry
      Jan Ford
      Steve Bradley
      Rodney Foster
      Carol Parradine