The Greville Theatre Club

My Fat Friend

by Charles Laurence

May/June 2005

Directed by
Jan Ford


Review by Pat Rudkins

Last Saturday, at one of its charity supper performances, Judy Lee's well-organised company provided a modern, comic morality play for afters.  Mention of the appearance in it of a star, should whet the appetite of those still to see the show!

Although Jan Ford's production arouses lots of laughter, the playwright has several serious points to make and Adam Thompson, rises to both these challenges, the moment his hair-tossing, loose-limbed Henry steps on stage.  By the way he uses his voice and body and plays to his colleagues rather than the gallery, this actor has a major charismatic presence.

Karen Ashton, in the title role of Vicky, is particularly effective in exercise mode after the interval, while David Bone, as the reflective, would-be writer, James, eventually releases an impassioned outburst.

The penultimate scene of the play is its strongest, containing much to drive the action.  Peter Bracken's Tom, wafts in and out of what is, originally, a household of three.

Set Designer, David Faithfull, excels himself with his cross-section of kitchen/diner/hall, there is so much relevant detail in it.  Barbara Rivett, Marcia Baldry, Pam Kaye and Pam Perry, are to be congratulated on their scrupulous maintenance of it, throughout the very accessible running time.  Wisely, Richard Pickford sets his lighting simply.  Bob Green on sound and costumier Lee, complete the back-stage crew while Jan Mitchell, James Rawes and June Roper, lead the efficient front-of-house one.