May/June 2005

My Fat Friend
by Charles Laurence

Directed by
Jan Ford

A major charismatic presence
Braintree & Witham Times

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My Fat Friend is a comedy for three men and one woman.  It depicts the "ugly duckling story" of Victoria Hope, an overweight young woman who runs a bookshop in Hampstead and who shares her flat over the shop with a somewhat glum Scot, who works in an au pair capacity, and her lodger, a young homosexual.  When she attracts the attention of a potential suitor, she resolves to slim by hook or by crook.  Aided by her two friends, hard exercise, diet and a graph, she manages to reduce to a streamlined version of her former self - only to find that it was her rotundity that attracted the book-buyer in the first place.  When, on his return, he finds himself confronted by a sylph, his disappointment is only too apparent.  The newly slim Vicky is left alone once more, to be consoled by her effeminate lodger.

Vicky in her "fat dress" has to endure jibes and taunts from her lodgers, Henry and James.

Vicky consoles herself with a box of chocolates.

Tom surprises Vicky in her flat after browsing in her bookshop.

Tom is attracted to Vicky and persuades her to go out to dinner before he goes away for four months prospecting for oil in Iran.

Vicky is shocked and humiliated by the sight of her lodgers dressed in her large-sized pyjamas.

As part of an intense slimming and keep-fit regime, Vicky is persuaded into a "mini sauna for maxi girls".

A returning Tom is shocked and disappointed to find the new sylph-like Vicky, to whom he was only attracted because she was fat.

Tom and Vicky part and, in a rage, Vicky destroys her "fat dress".



      Adam Thompson
      David Bone
      Karen Ashton
      Peter Bracken