Oct/Nov 2000

Communicating Doors
by Alan Ayckbourn

Directed by
Karen Ashton

This production was one of our most ambitious projects yet, especially in terms of set design and direction.  Alan Ayckbourn's Communicating Doors is part comedy, part crime thriller, part science fiction.

It's 2014 in a fancy hotel room. When "Specialist Sexual Consultant" Poopay Dayseer attempts to escape from a murderous gangster, she opens the door to an adjoining room and miraculously - confusingly - finds herself in 1994 and influencing 1974.  If she plays her cards right, she might just be able to save the lives of two other women, one of whom could have a huge impact on Poopay's future.  The play is hence set in three different time zones, and it was to the credit of the cast and indeed the audience, that no-one lost the thread of the plot.

Ruella, Harold and Poopay.


"To be, or not to be - pass it on".

Poopay and Reece:

"Sex? I don't want sex woman! Look at me!
In my condition, it would finish me off altogether!"

Julian and Poopay:

"I wouldn't touch you with a lavatory brush!"


"Psst.  Poopay!  Poopay? Oh my god! I'm in the wrong room!"


"You really are a stupid woman aren't you.
No wonder he drowns you."



      Carol Parradine
      David Faithfull
      Andy Jameson
      Madeline Harmer
      Marcia Baldry
      Neil Fordham