October 2004

The Cemetery Club
by Ivan Menchell

Directed by
Diana Bradley

One of the best I have seen
Dunmow Observer

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This story follows the lives of three Jewish widows from Queens, New York who form a "Cemetery Club", in which, each month, they meet for tea and go together to visit the graves of their dead husbands, taken "much too soon".  Each is dealing with the loss in their own individual way.  Then Sam, a butcher, meets the widows at the same cemetery whilst he is visiting his wife's grave and changes their lives for ever.

The ladies visit their husbands' graves every month:
Lucille, Ida and Doris.

Sam meets the ladies at the cemetery.

Lucille gets to know Sam when he comes to visit Ida at her apartment.

The ladies change into their bridesmaid dresses ready for Selma's wedding.

Sam arrives to take the ladies to the wedding accompanied by Mildred, much to Ida's consternation.

After the wedding, the ladies return to Ida's apartment where they continue with their own party.



      Carol Parradine
      Jan Ford
      Marcia Baldry
      Rodney Foster
      Judy Lee