The Greville Theatre Club

Bazaar & Rummage

by Sue Townsend

November 2001

Directed by
James Rawes

Written by the author of "The Diary of Adrian Mole", this humorous but touching and thought provoking drama centres around 4 agoraphobic ladies, who, as part of a self help group, decide to break through their troubled and insular lives for one day at least by bravely staging a rummage sale in their local church hall.

The very different but equally pathetic lives of these ladies, set against the background of a mental illness which few of us encounter, yields a rich vein of black humour which is tapped mercilessly by Sue Townsend.  Slowly the underlying reasons for their fear of exposure begin to emerge, and, with the help of a well meaning trainee social worker, it soon becomes clear that their self-appointed and self righteous leader has been unintentionally undermining their hopes of recovery, tying them to her to fuel her own sense of importance and ego.


MARGARET (an agoraphobic vulgarian):
BELL (an obsessively clean agoraphobic):
FLISS (a trainee social worker):
GWENDA (an ex-agoraphobic social worker):
KATRINA (an agoraphobic ex-variety "songstress"):

      Jan Mitchell
      Judy Lee
      Carol Parradine
      Lynda Shelverton
      Jan Ford
      Karen Ashton